65 Days until the gates open for summer 2017

Everyone is feeling the magic of camp.  Today we heard from Sam McNear and Rachel Mcnear.  Sam is coming back for another summer, yes!!!! Rachel is doing volunteer work the first part of the summer and is anxious to join us for the second part of the summer ( her 10th summer).  Solly and Peter are getting married May 27 and they want to check on camp the get set up the week before.  Jm spoke to Frontier to get his phone on and is packing for camp!  Tennis Dave has his boxes packed and is ready for the road!  Bill and Bill are roofing the Adult house as we speak.   The kitchen is clean and waiting for our move in on April 29.  Today the pool supplies were delivered to my house and the Peacock has laid 7 eggs so far for her summer clutch.  I know I am rambling but we are spinning with all of the things we need to do to get ready for the summer in just 65 days.  June 10 and 11th is family weekend.  We are getting R.S.V.P.’s already.  It feels like Summer, it smells like Spring, and it is hard to believe how excited we all get every single year as this time arrives.  There was an article about the dangers of cell phones this week.  How they take over your life and your brain stops working.  At camp we don’t need cell phones just songs, laughing, memories and friendships.  It is an amazing life and we get to live it everyday all day.  The gates are always open for alumni and their guests.  Everyone could use a little of the magic of Timber Ridge.  Join us, visit us, and take home a memory!

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