About Us

Timber Ridge Camp is a traditional co-ed residential Camp located in the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains of West Virginia. Conveniently located outside Winchester VA, Timber Ridge is only 90miles from Washington DC and 120 miles from Baltimore. We continually strive to ensure campers and staff make new friendships, gain independence and self-esteem, as well as discover their passions.

Timber Ridge offers free choice programming in which campers create their own schedule from 40+ different activities.

Our History

Camp White Mountain

“Timber Ridge Camp – Camp White Mountain” was founded in 1955 by Fred Greenberg. Upon its opening, Camp White Mountain had 6 cabins, one swimming pool, and offered one 8-week session.  Although the beginnings were rather simple, Fred quickly found success by focusing on the essentials: making new friendships, developing life skills, gaining independence, and just having fun!

Camp Green Briar

Within a decade, due to increasing popularity, Fred realized he needed a way to give more children access to a quality summer camp experience. It was his believe that every body should have the opportunity to go to summer camp that led him to opening his second camp.

In 1962 Fred used a part of the land to start the first traditional solely half-session camp in the United States: “Camp Green Briar”. With the introduction of this new camp, a premium summer option was now available for those unable to commit to the full 8-week session. Camp Green Briar was located adjacent to Camp White Mountain and would frequently hold inter-camp events.

Camp Teen Town

In the 1970s Fred saw a demand for teen focused programming emerge. The desire for more mature programming, more socialization, and increased independence eventually led to the opening of Timber Ridge’s third camp – “Camp Teen Town”. Teen Town featured teen-focused programming with an emphasis on nature and the outdoors. Canvas tents lodging, adventure activities, and outdoor education all served to reinforce the camp’s message.

Timber Ridge Camp

At one point in time, Fred owned six individual camps across the United States! In recent years however Fred made the decision to shift his focus. Using decades of summer camp experience and knowledge, he now dedicates all his time and energy into his original project: “Timber Ridge Camp – Camp White Mountain”.

Now known simply as “Timber Ridge”, the Camp White Mountain location has received substantial amounts of development and expansion since its humble beginnings. From only 6 cabins and a swimming pool in 1955, Timber Ridge Camp has grown to now include 38 cabins, 60+ buildings, and 40+ activities offered.

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Year after year, campers, counselors, and specialists join together with our family of proud owners  to create a special summer community. Timber Ridge becomes a camper’s connection to something very special in his or her life.

Timber Ridge continues to thrive by incorporating new philosophies and modern facilities into the founding ideas that made camp so successful in the first place.  

Our Philosophy


Timber Ridge Camp allows campers the opportunity to explore new activities and programs that could turn into lifelong passions.

Our Program provides a wide range of 40+ activities to  campers each summer. These include many traditional camp activities as well as some that are unique to Timber Ridge. General areas of interest include adventure, aquatics, athletics, creative arts, performing arts, outdoor education, and even trip/travel opportunities!


Focus on the individual child.

Timber Ridge puts a large emphasis on working with the individual child. When your child is at Timber Ridge, he/she is not merely a number.

We understand that everyone is different! The needs and desires of one camper may be drastically different than those of another camper. With an adult-to-child ratio of 1:2, we guarantee that your child will receive all the personal attention that they deserve. Here at Timber Ridge we consider everyone to be family.


One of the largest benefits a residential summer camp can offer a child is a healthy sense of independence.

Timber Ridge provides a nurturing and safe environment in which children have the opportunity to make their own decisions and learn from their actions. This opportunity is valuable for allowing children to mature socially, emotionally, and morally.


Free-Choice Programming

Free-choice programming allows children to choose their own activities while at camp, allowing them to pursue their passions.

Whether they want to focus on one activity area, or get a taste of everything we have to offer, campers at Timber Ridge are able to control their own destiny. Don’t worry though, if you tried something new and don’t like the activity, you can switch!