There’s something for everyone at Camp White Mountain and Camp Green Briar! We are known for our extensive selection of quality and diverse activities taught in an enthusiastic, fun-filled environment.  Our experienced instructors and coaches are trained to teach campers of all ability levels.  Whether a camper is a beginner or an expert, every camper feels like a pro!

Free Choice Programming

We believe that when children attend camp, they should not be forced into an activity which they may not like. This is why Timber Ridge offers every child free-choice individualized programming. What this means is that we allow individuals to have complete control when choosing activities. Rather than making the campers conform to our program structure, we structure our programs around the needs and desires of the campers. If a certain class fills quickly, we will take it upon ourselves to open up additional classes.  We thank our hard working and multi-talented staff for making this a possibility.

“What if I try something new and find out I don’t like it? Am I stuck?” The answer to this is of course not! Every Friday we offer our campers an opportunity to change up to two activities on their schedule.

If you would like to read more about free-choice programming and why we implement it at Timber Ridge, visit our blog.