Timber Ridge has celebrated over fifty successful summers of camp.  Everyone who has ever spent a summer at camp is linked together by the strong bonds and memories of their summers spent in West Virginia.  Tens of thousands of children and staff members have driven down those dusty roads into camp.  We would be naive to think we could have built Timber Ridge Camp into what it is today without the help of our alumni base.

We speak with some of our alumni on a daily basis and others, well, not so often.  We are eager to reconnect with those of you who have been out of touch recently and to deepen our ties with those of you who have remained in contact with our camp family.

Our website enables Timber Ridge alumni to keep in touch and to find out all that is happening with camp.  Please be sure to look at the Alumni Newsletter for updates of what is happening for our Alumni. The Alumni section of the website will also have links on it for special alumni events at camp. We also encourage you to use popular social networking sites like Facebook where there are many groups dedicated to Timber Ridge Camp and our alumni.

We are always looking for new children to experience magical summers at Timber Ridge. If you are interested in sharing your memories and experiences with your children, or if you have any friends who are interested in camp for their children, please contact us for more information. You can do this by either calling or office (410.833.4080) for more information. Even better than that, come to camp for a tour so your children can see why Timber Ridge is such a special place!