Cabin Experiences, Cabin Nights, SNF, Talent Show, and More

New to Timber Ridge this summer are Cabin Experiences! Campers get together with their cabin mates before evening activities and participate in various fun projects! Activities include biking, tie dye, water balloon baseball, jam making, canoeing, ultimate frisbee, and more! Cabin experiences happen three times a week and have been a huge success with our campers.

Our cabin nights are another night where the cabins get together and do an activity of their choosing. Cabin nights take place every Wednesday evening. The counselors cook hot dogs and hamburgers (veggie burgers too!) on a charcoal grill for their cabins! It is a neat experience for everyone involved. For some of our counselors it is their first time using a grill which makes for some funny moments. Campers then get to participate in their chosen activities, like making friendship bracelets with Sully, going to dive-in movies at the pool, fishing with Doc, ghost stories with Fred, spa nights with division leaders, and cooking with Jill.

SNF rosters have been posted and campers met up with their coaches this week. Teams are busy at practice, participating in scrimmages and practicing running plays. Teams are patiently awaiting their first game of the summer this Sunday night.

Our annual staff talent show showcased a multitude of talented staff members. The Rock Shop Band started off the show with a rock hit! Campers danced along as the full band jammed out. The girls counselors did a comedy routine next where they stretched on stage to prepare for a “professionally choreographed routine.” When the music started, they broke out in the Chicken Dance and encouraged the campers and staff to dance along. The show also featured an original poem by our junior boys counselor, Alan! The poem authentically expressed the magic of his Timber Ridge experience so far this summer. There were tears in the audience as we moved from Alan’s heartwarming poem into our next act. A fantastic Hula Hoop dance was performed by one of our female counselors with many mesmerizing tricks and techniques.

These are just some of the amazing moments that have happened over the last few days! Take care of each other out there and we will check back in soon! Goodnight!

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