What time do campers get up in the morning and when is bedtime?
Wake-up for all of our campers is 7:45. However for some of the older children, we do have a few special days that they can sleep until 9:00. Bedtime varies by age as well. Our youngest campers are in bed by 9:00. As campers get older, their time for lights out gets progressively later, with teenage campers having lights out beginning at 10:30.

What is Camp White Mountain and Camp Green Briar’s policy on telephones, letter writing and visitation?
Speaking to your child over the telephone is not forbidden at Camp White Mountain and Camp Green Briar, but it’s not our policy to allow campers to call home. We feel this may aggravate homesickness and impede a child’s adjustment to camp.  In special circumstances, calls can be arranged through the camp director on an individual basis. Parents whose children are attending camp for the first time (within the United States) will receive a phone call from the camp director or Head Counselor after the first week, updating them on their child’s progress. Letter writing is a must three times per week. The Head Counselor and group leaders carefully monitor this. There is no visitation allowed at camp unless your child is attending the full session.

How do children get to camp?
Travel to camp is very easy do to our proximity to 5 major cities and Washington Dulles airport.  Bus or van transportation is available through the camp to and from surrounding cities and states such as Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey.

Those traveling by airplane are asked to fly into Dulles Airport outside Washington, D.C. An escort will be present on all major flights and camp representatives will be at the gate to meet our children once they get off the plane. A bus then takes them to Camp White Mountain and Camp Green Briar for the 90 minute ride to camp.

How do the facilities compare to other camps?
Camp White Mountain and Camp Green Briar’s facilities consistently set the standard by which other camps are compared. We have all the fields, rinks, and courts for team and individual sports but it does not stop there. A state of the art skate park, circus trapeze, go kart track and horseback riding are the icing on the cake.

How many people are  in each cabin?
Each cabin houses 6-12 campers with two or three counselors. Every cabins has full bath facilities, including several private showers, ample electrical outlets and separate cubbies for clothing.

Are campers put into bunks by age or grade?
Campers are usually grouped in cabins by grade that the camper just completed. Sometimes parents will request a placement by age. If your child wants to bunk with friends, we almost always are able to work it out.

Tell us a little about your staff.
The Camp White Mountain and Camp Green Briar staff is made up of seasoned, well-trained professionals and college students whose common bond is their love of children.   Our specialists are recruited based on their success in their chosen field. During a typical summer, our staff return rate is well over 60%.

When do the campers pick their activities?
We schedule twice a summer on the first day of each session.  Campers pick the schedule they will follow throughout the session.  Sometime campers want to experience a different activity so we allow schedule changes every Friday.

Do campers ever get turned away from an activity they choose?
Never. A full time program director spends the day working with each child’s schedule to make sure they are getting the classes they wanted and to make sure that they have a diverse, exciting schedule.

How does the laundry work?
Every camper’s laundry is done and folded our own campgrounds once a week and returned the following day. The laundry is kept together by cabin and is sorted by the counselors and put into cubbies with the aid of their campers. Campers bring their own linens and blankets.

What type of medical care do you have?
We have three nurses manning our infirmaries plus a doctor in residence at all times. What’s more, there is a state of the art Medical Center located fifteen miles away from Winchester, VA.  Our nurses are typically mothers themselves and understand the “T.L.C.” involved with caring for children.

What kind of camp trips do you offer?
Camp White Mountain and Camp Green Briar offers a variety of out of camp trips, some which are part of the program and others, which are optional. Bike trips, overnight canoeing trips, hiking, back packing; rappelling, etc. are examples of trips which children can sign up for, as they’re being offered at no additional cost. At some point in the summer, we invite campers to go roller skating in town and a highlight of every child’s summer is when we take the entire camp to a nearby amusement park. Again, this is part of the camp tuition. Optional trips, which do cost more money, include Washington, D.C., and white water rafting.

Do campers need spending money?
Our tuition includes snack, canteen, caned drinks and spending money for our full camp trips including six flags.  However, some families decide to send extra spending money for their campers to use in the canteen for extra treats at night.

Where do campers come from?
We are very proud that Camp White Mountain and Camp Green Briar has children from all over the country and the world. We have a large group of campers from South Florida and the Baltimore/ Washington corridor. However, we draw campers from Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Philadelphia and many other cities across the United States.