Fourth of July, SNF, Luray Caverns, Olympics & More

We have been rocking and rolling here at Timber Ridge! Part of the reason it has been a little while since our last post, our apologies. Since our last post…where to begin? Our Sunday Night Football flag football league has been very exciting this season. Each team has won at least one game and last night we had our first overtime game of the season! Every game has been very competitive and they all have come down to the fourth quarter or even the final drive. ¬†We have a few games left until the playoffs begin and needless to say the players are all anticipating a super bowl run (go Hi-Krunch).

We had an amazing Fourth of July this year. The camp split up into three teams: red, white, and blue. We had tremendous competition across the board and the campers and staff had an awesome time. It is really neat seeing how involved everyone gets when the whole camp is competing with one another. We ended the competition with a staff (and a few campers) soccer game. The teams were USA vs. All International staff, although we did have a few traitors (kidding, we love you!). The game was great though and team USA won for the first time in about 30 years!! So the Fourth of July can now be known for another remarkable achievement. After dinner we had a talent show and boy do we have some talented people here at Timber Ridge. Campers and counselors played instruments, others sang, and we had our pun master back and he had the crowd laughing as he always does! Fourth of July just isn’t the same without fireworks, so at night that is exactly what we did. The fireworks show was incredible! It had the kids ooo-ing and ahh-ing all night and could be seen (or least heard) for miles.

Our juniors/jinters got to go exploring in caves this past week! All of the juniors and two lucky staff members had the chance to go to Luray Caverns in Luray Virginia. They had a blast! We got some great pictures of them exploring and will be putting those up on the website soon. More trips are planned for all of our campers including trips to Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry, New York, Six Flags and more!

Finally…..Olympics have started!!!! For Olympics the campers and staff split up into four teams: yellow, red, blue, and green. The teams get to create their team names and logos. For example, last year two of the teams we had were named: The Blue Dories and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This year we have the Green Shrek’s, The Blues Clues, The Yellow Pokemon and the red….we’ll get back to you on the red team, they are currently undecided but have some cool ideas. We had our opening ceremonies last night which consisted of the lighting of the torches, a speech from Fred, and the opening competition which was tug-of-war. The teams have been showing great sportsmanship and have awesome leadership.

Well it is time for dinner. Look forward to checking in again soon. Goodnight!


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