No Place, No memories, No friendships, like Timber Ridge, where time stands still

I was returning from a business trip and a woman comes up to me and says.  “Jill Greenberg?.  I went to Timber Ridge 35 years ago”.  I asked how did you know me?  She responded you just have not changed.  How flattering is that?  She continued to talk about how she is still in touch with her friends.  How she has reconnected with so many.  I went to a wedding in South Beach to my delight I reconnected with Jared Kilberg.  He is such a great young man.  I remember his days at camp and can understand how he grew up so fast.    Then my phone rings.  “Blake Rittenberg wants to talk to you”?   I just loved Blake and talking to him was like I saw him yesterday.  He is living in New York now and is putting together a reunion.  People have responded from all over the country.  They are going to meeting either in a club, or somewhere.  People are going to fly from all over.  Friends for life.  Then I interviewed an alumni as a divison leader yesterday.  Her best memories are from camp and she is still best friends with her camp friends of 20 years ago.   In every walk of life Timber Ridge magic keeps on reconnecting friends and memories.  In this fast paced, crazy world going back to the basics of real friendship is a true gift.   That is so much of what Timber Ridge is all about.  Thank goodness life and love are still simple in the world of Timber Ridge.

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