Staff FAQs

We appreciate your interest in Timber Ridge Camp!

Our goal is simple — to offer our campers and counselors the most rewarding, fun and exciting summer possible! This is exactly what we have done for tens of thousands of children and staff members since 1955. Timber Ridge Camp is one of the nation’s finest summer camps, so join us as we continue in offering the very best, safest and most exciting summer programs available!

A successful summer at Timber Ridge depends on you, our staff. New friendships, fun activities, and opportunities for personal growth and development make spending a summer with us the perfect balance between work and fun.

  • Where do Timber Ridge Camp’s campers and counselors come from?

    Our campers and counselors are from all over the world. We have an international flavor and select staff from coast-to-coast and throughout Europe as well. We feel it is important to offer this diversity and find that these summer relationships often turn into long-standing, international friendships with lifelong memories.

  • Will I be an activity specialist or a cabin counselor?

    Counselors have dual roles — instructing an activity and living in a cabin. Our specialty area leaders come to us with a great deal of expertise. The waterfront, tennis, athletic and riding programs are all headed by experts in their respective fields. Soccer is taught by British coaches, drama is taught by outstanding actors and actresses from various backgrounds, tripping outings are led by accomplished backpackers, hikers and canoeists. While our specialists provide the necessary foundation in which we build campers’ skills, we also employ general counselors whose positions we value equally. They are especially essential to our younger groups, where the general counselor is the backbone of the unit.

  • What activity will I teach?

    You will teach or assist in one of the over 40 activities we offer at camp! Activity assignment is based on an individuals experience as well as interest. Staff have the opportunity to work in many areas throughout the summer, providing excitement and new experiences.. Training will be provided where necessary, including lifeguard, first aid, and CPR certifications.

  • Do the counselors live with the campers?

    Except for a select number of specialists, all counselors live in cabins with our campers. At Timber Ridge Camp, the camper-to-counselor ratio is 3:1.

  • How about salary and time off?

    We offer plenty of time for each staff member to recharge their batteries. At Timber Ridge Camp, we believe it is necessary for an effective counselor to relax and explore the beautiful surroundings or simply enjoy the outstanding facilities right on camp grounds. This is why we place a high emphasis on free time and offer multiple days and nights off to our staff members. We also offer well-organized staff recreation programs.

    Salary guidelines are commensurate with age, activity area, experience and prior involvement with children. Our salaries are among the most competitive in the field. In addition to your salary, we provide room & board in addition to supplying laundry service and a handsome travel allowance may be included, if applicable.

  • Can I earn college credit?

    Definitely! Many of our staff receive credit for working at camp when it coincides with college programs. Our directors will be more than happy to assist you with this, but it is advisable to contact your guidance department or Dean’s office for more information.

"So what do I do now?"

Now that we have briefly introduced you to Timber Ridge, we invite you to submit an application for employment with us!

After we have received your application, we will contact you for a personal interview. At that time we can discuss salary and answer any questions you may have.