Staff Profiles

Fred Greenberg (“Uncle Fred”) – Founder

Fred and his wife Evelyn founded Timber Ridge in 1955. His love of children and magic have kept Timber Ridge the magical place it remains today. Fred is the true pioneer of children’s camping. People who have worked for him have started and own some of the finest camps in the country. They will admit there was no better mentor in the industry.

At one time Fred owned 6 camps but now has put all his energies into his original project, “Timber Ridge”. Fred started his career as a Speech Pathologist. Somehow his path lead him to Camp White Mountain in 1955. The magic started there. Everywhere from Maryland, to New York, Paris to Geneva, Colorado to California, all walks of life have come through Timber Ridge Camp. There is always a smile on his face and love in his heart for all children. His belief in building children’s self esteem with love is what drives him to come back to camp year after year.

Jill Goden – Director

Jill is Fred’s daughter and second generation. Jill has a husband of 36 years as well as two children, Jobi and Zack. There is a fourth generation starting camp this summer, her grandchildren Cooper and Benny, followed shortly by Jackson. Jill started her career as a nursing home administrator in Baltimore City and Montgomery County.

After 15 years she made the decision to return to the magic of the mountains.   Her love for children and family makes her available every day of the year to all parents and children.  Many of the children she has mentored call her today and talk about what is new in their lives and to share memories. Jill looks at these children as her own and their achievements are often celebrated and shared. She returns every summer to help her amazing staff bring out the best in all children. During the off season Jill works with parents to help the parent and the child transition into this amazing new experience.

Allison Busky – Assistant Director / Girls Head Counselor

Allison was born and raised in Baltimore, where she continues to reside during the winter months. She is a graduate of Towson University and has worked at camp for 8 years. During the winter Allison helps with recruiting, marketing, and any office work that needs to be done. During the summer she does everything from food purchasing, overseeing the canteen, talking to parents and helping in the office, as well as even being the Girls Head Counselor this coming summer!

Her son Aiden has been coming to camp since he was three years old and it has truly become his home away from home. Allison and Aiden are a part of the Timber Ridge Family and we look forward to the years to come with them!

Matthew Guffey – Assistant Director / Boys Head Counselor

Matthew is from Cincinnati, Ohio where he was both born and raised. He attended Ohio University where he later graduated with a double major in Psychology and Sociology.

Matthew began working in the summer camp industry 6 years ago where he quickly discovered that he had a passion working with children. He will be returning for his 3rd summer at Timber Ridge and can’t wait to get back up in the mountains!

JM- Drama Director

“JM” has been playing at camp for almost 30 years now. He has been involved in professional theater since the age of 6, performing in live theater, nightclubs, movies, creating cartoon voices, and writing 9 original interactive children’s musicals.

While at camp, JM helps create a feeling of play, wonderment, and adventure. He is able to keep everyone on their toes and ready to be goofy or silly when the time comes. While not in the theater or backstage JM can be seen all over camp with an energy level unmatched. When he does relax however, you can most likely find him outside his cabin by the fire pit where company is always welcome.


Murray Kramer-Program Director

This is Murray’s 48th year in camping, 37th teaching special Ed, and 28th year at Timber Ridge. He has a problem with change. At Timber Ridge he has been in a large number of roles, including the JR Division Leader, the Inter Division leader, and the program director. He secretly craves being the Athletic director if they only gave him a chance!

“Why go to camp?” Murray asks, “Two reasons. One so JM isn’t the only old twelve year old at camp. And two, because camp is life. It’s where I learn to be whole.”

Murray is certified in mental health first aid for adults working with young people


Dr. Brian Rader, DO- Medical Director
Stephanie Rader- Infirmary Manager

Doc Brain and Stephanie are part of our Timber Ridge Family.  Their three children, Logan, Alex & Gabby enjoy spending their summers at Timber Ridge as well!  Doc Brian has been an Emergency Room Physician for 17 years and continues to do so.  They enjoy spending time together creating new memories and exploring new adventures, as well as sharing moments with family and friends.  They spend their days at Timber Ridge, walking around checking in on all the children, Counselors and Staff.  The Raders are committed to caring for everyone at Timber Ridge not just on a professional  level, but on a person level as if they are their own family. #campfamily

Kathy Knigin- Registered Nurse

David Butler (“Tennis Dave”) – Tennis Director

Tennis Dave has been with Timber Ridge for 8 summers. Not only is Dave a fantastic tennis coach, but also a wonderful person. Dave is the first person awake every morning at camp. His early morning tennis club, known as “Wilson’s Club”, has proven to be extremely popular among both the staff and the campers. Frequent attendees even earn a Wilson’s Club t-shirt! Alongside early mornings, Dave also finds time to run an excellent tennis program, provide private tennis lessons, organize tennis tournaments, and help out with odd jobs all around camp.



Angela Rary- Equestrian Director

Angela started out at Camp Green Briar back in 2001  where she ran the horseback riding program for 3 years. In 2010 she returned to Timber Ridge as the Horseback Riding Director, and has stayed with Timber Ridge ever since.

Angela has a B.S. in Equestrian Studies and a M.A. in Education. When not at camp, she teaches 8th grade physical science in Loudoun County, Virginia. She is also a certified riding instructor through the Certified Horsemanship Association and an active competitor in the equestrian sports of dressage and combined training.

Angela has brought new energy and professionalism to our horseback riding program, and we expect her program to continue to expand. Her “Horsemasters” program will be back again this year, allowing interested campers to earn internationally recognized certificates for their skills and knowledge with horses.

Ryan Morano – Inter Boys Division Leader

Ryan is a graduate of Towson University and is a born and raised Marylander. This will be Ryan’s 4th year with Timber Ridge Camp. He began as a counselor working with both the junior and inter divisions, later becoming the Junior Division Leader during his 2nd and 3rd year. In 2017 Ryan will return as the Inter Division Leader, as well as assisting with programming.

In addition to his time spent at Timber Ridge, Ryan has interned and mentored in the Maryland school system, worked in a child care center for 7 years, and is currently a Program Director of a before and after school program.

In Ryan’s own words, “Timber Ridge is my home away from home and there is no place I would rather be!”

Kelli Rubin – Girls Division Leader

Kelli started her camping days back in 2008 as an inter camper. In the years following she has been a camper for 5 years, a counselor in training, and a counselor in the girls senior division. We are happy to announce that she will now be returning for the summer of 2017 as a girls division leader!

As a camper, Kelli’s favorite parts of summer included the circus shows, playing tennis, being by the water, and meeting fellow campers and counselors from all over the world. Kelli takes these passions she learned at camp and continues to develop them in her every day life. She does this by playing collegiate tennis, traveling the world, and improving her safety and supervisory skills at the waterfront and pool. She even recently spent a semester abroad in Spain!

Outside of camp, Kelli is a double major in Spanish and International Affairs at Gettysburg College, where she spends most of her time while not at home in Carroll County, Maryland.


Brandon Bowyer – Athletic Director

 Brandon currently resides in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and is attending National American University. He is now in his senior year and will be graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice.

Brandon began his transition to Athletic Director in the summer of 2016. It proved to be a perfect fit for him as he has played basketball all his life and is an all around lover of sports.

He is excited to return to Timber Ridge for his second year and is looking forward to the opportunity to step into an adult staff role. We are just as excited for his return and can’t wait to see what he brings to camp!

Some fun facts about Brandon:

  • he lived in Alaska for 8 years (“yes it’s really really cold”)
  • he has an identical twin brother
  • he currently models while not spending his summers at Timber Ridge




Camp White Mountain and Camp Green Briar also has 15-20 adult staff members working within different areas around camp, including our onsite nursing staff and doctor, kitchen and maintenance crews, office staff and others. These are adults who do not live within the cabins but work directly with staff and children throughout the summer in every aspect of camp.