Summer 2017 has officially begun!

As we pack the office and take our Pool Operator exam it is surreal that Saturday is moving day.  The Peacock has laid 12 eggs and is about to sit and incubate the eggs.  The rabbits will be let go to run around camp Saturday.  We will be cleaning leaves, painting cabins, figuring out the calendar for transportation and programming.  And trying to figure out what we forgot.  It is always an exciting time.  With one month to make it all happen I am getting nervous.  I guess I feel this way every year.  This year our precamp group is me, Allison, Matt, JM, Tennis Dave, Jake Daniels, Logan Rumbaugh, Kelly Rubin, Richard and Gracen Eiland.  Camp is such an amazing place.  Logan has an internship with the Washington Redskins and has to leave in July but he has to come to camp to get his Timber Ridge magic in.  Gracen is not coming back at all as she is traveling but just wants to come to camp and work and chill until she has to leave.  I spoke to Sandy and Alyssa today from Washington Children’s hospital and they will be coming May 8 to go over programming.  So life has begun and everyone is biting at the bit to just spend sometime at camp.  It is a busy place, a fun place and something we all need every year to realize life is just not that complicated.

It is a place that we just make it all happen.  Last year we made memory necklaces.  Everyone found something small to remember their summer and we froze it in resin.  A hook and chain was put on it and everyone had a little memory of camp.  That necklace made me smile, laugh and cry all year.  So this will become another camp tradition.  Over the winter I went to a reunion in New York with grown up campers.  The love and memories were fresh and wonderful.  The people we meet and share our adventures with in the summer are lifelong soul mates.  I hope alumni will come and visit this summer at camp.  Relive their memories and make new ones.  If for some reason old campers or staff have become detached come visit.  It will be like you never left.  It is also something we all need to feed our soul with the amazing memories and friendships made at Timber Ridge.

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