The Summer Fun Has Officially Begun!

We are so excited that camp has finally started! Camp always tends to feel far away when it ends every summer but now that we are back it feels as though we never left. Timber Ridge, along with the friendships you make here go with you wherever you are in life. That’s what makes this place special! We have a wonderful staff this summer who are so enthusiastic, energetic, caring and patient. The counselors are already building those new friendships that will last a lifetime. The children began their daily activities today and are having a blast. Some went on nature hikes and went biking. Others visited our nature house and saw the neat animals we have including a bearded dragon. Athletics are always a very popular activity and that stood true today as many children participated in a range of sporting activities. We also have a tremendous Arts and Crafts program as well here at Timber Ridge, and a lot of children dived into their creative adventures today; including a set design class in which they will help design and make some of the scenery and costumes for our play this year which will be The Beauty and The Beast! Other children went canoeing while some participated in archery. Finally, some of the children must have been fish in their past life because how much they love being in the pool. We have some tremendous swimmers, but we also have some great swimming instructors who will assist in teaching some of the children different strokes and techniques in the water. Well I would like to talk about even more activities but it is just about time for supper so I better finish up this post. We will check back in again soon! Hope all is well in the “outside” world!!

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