Visual & Performing Arts

Almost Heaven Playhouse

7g0a3165-2Our Almost Heaven Playhouse has been run by our wonderful theater director JM for almost 30 years. JM knows better than anyone else how to create a feeling of play, wonderment, and adventure. Every summer our theater program puts on two full length musicals in addition to the daily theater class. All campers and counselors are highly encouraged to join in on the fun. Everyone who tries out gets a role! With plenty of opportunities existing both on the stage and off the stage, we ensure that nobody is left out.

We have had tremendous successes come from our theater program. Examples include Mark Platt (producer of Wicked, previous president of Universal Studios), Stacey Sher (Pulp Fiction, Matilda, Gattaca, Erin Brockovich), Jeff Marx (composer, musical lyricist, and creator of Avenue Q), Scott Weinger (Full House, Fuller House, Galavant, Muppets, Aladdin).

Outdoor Theater


Our outdoor stage has proven to be a popular and indispensible part of our camp experience! Not only is it a popular space for campers to congregate and socialize, but it is host to many of our camps most popular activities as well. These include MTV night, counselor and camper talent shows, Timber Ridge Sing Out, Miss Timber Ridge, popular carnival activities and much more!

Every Saturday morning our camp comes together at the outdoor stage to talk about a weekly topic. These services are run by our CITs (counselors-in-training) and cover important ideas such as friendship, inclusion, bravery, tolerance, and honesty.


img_2871Campers have the opportunity to take dance classes as part of their daily schedule. The Timber Ridge dance studio is located in the Visual & Performing Arts building and is fully equipped with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, hardwood floors, and air conditioning. The dance studio is also popular as a rehearsal room for our camp plays and talent shows!

The dance program at Timber Ridge focuses on exposing the campers to a wide variety of dance styles. These include, but are not limited to, jazz, salsa, hip-hop, and ballet. Campers involved in dance classes are encouraged to share what they have learned during our talent shows and cabin night competitions, although it is not mandatory.

Arts and Crafts

7g0a6264-2At Timber Ridge we highly promote and encourage children to be creative. Just like any other skill, creativity can be learned and exercised. The Arts and Crafts program at Timber Ridge is directed by a full time middle school art teacher as well as skilled and passionate counselors assisting. Our Arts and Crafts room is located in the lower level of our visual and performing arts building, and is equipped for a wide variety of activities. Specialty areas include a fully equipped woodworking shop, model rocketry building, and a fully equipped ceramics area.


One thing you may notice while walking around Timber Ridge is that art is everywhere! Each summer we choose a camp-wide art project that is created entirely by campers. These projects can vary greatly, but there is one constant among them all: they encourage campers to engage in art and create something of their own, as well as striving to make the campus more beautiful. Sometimes the camp project is a mural (as seen above), and sometime it is something a little more creative. To this day, it isn’t uncommon to find decorated rocks hiding throughout camp from almost 10 years ago! Other examples include murals on our swimming pool shower house, green house, and theater walls.

There are countless opportunities throughout the summer to create pieces of art outside the context of art classes. Color War and Olympics even have competitions entirely focused on arts and crafts!

Rock Shop

img_2234If learning and performing music is a passion for your child, then the Timber Rock Shop is the perfect place for them. Located on the shoreline of our lake, the Rock Shop provides a secluded area which allows campers to focus on their music. Many of our counselors are highly passionate about music, and it shows! Whenever there is a talent show, we guarantee that you will see many performances by the counselors. Campers of all skill levels are encourage to participate, with one on one lessons being the standard, not the exception. The Timber Ridge Rock Shop focuses primarily on Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, and Vocals.