Wake Board Park


As an organization, we are responsible for a very large number of children. This means that safety is our #1 priority, with fun being a very close 2nd. Cable driven wakeboarding systems provide many unique advantages over boats.

The first and foremost is an improvement in safety. There is no longer the potential of a watercraft striking campers and causing injury. In addition, lifeguards are capable of being within close proximity of the wake boarders at all times.

The second advantage of our cable driven system is that it provides a more pleasant experience for beginners. Whereas a boat pulls the wake boarder directly forward, our cable system helps pull the rider up and out of the water. This is due to the anchor point being much higher in the air than what is possible on a boat. Additionally, we are able to give campers more practice time as they do not have to wait for a boat to circle around a reset.

Finally, our cable drive wake board system provides invaluable convenience over a boat. Campers are capable of getting on and off the water much faster. Within minutes, they are able to walk to the lake, strap in, and get on the water. There is no wasted time!



Camp White Mountain and Camp Greenbriar is proud to run Sesitec Sytem 2.0